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We're a couple of dudes with a Canadian podcast. Mostly we talk about sports but also discuss anything we find interesting and usually distinctly Canadian.

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    E28 The Royals | Doug Ford Actors | Harassment within NDP

    On this episode of the podcast, Andres shares his strange experience in Columbia visiting significant places in the life of mass murderer Pablo Escobar. In addition, the guys discuss the royals, paid actors at a Doug Ford rally, and the latest in harassment allegations within the national NDP party.

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    E27 Trudeau's India Visit | NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh / Terry Milewski

    This episode of the Toque Podcast features journalist Jagdeesh Mann. Jagdeesh joins Matt and Andres to provide context to two recent Canadian news stories rooted in Sikh separatism: Trudeau's rough visit to India and Canadian media coverage surrounding NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh.

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    E26 Stanley Cup Update | Airport Line Cutting | Canada - EU Trade Deal

    On this episode of the podcast, Matt is joined by friend of the show Grahaeme Cowie. They provide an update on how Canadian teams have done so far in the NHL playoff . They rant about the Nexus Pass allowing travellers to skip to the front of the security line when flying domestically. Lastly, Grahaeme and Matt talk about the pending Canada-EU trade deal, CETA.

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    E25 Toque's Hinterland Who's Who | Event Ticket Crisis | TMEP Challenges

    On this episode, Matt provides the first ever Toque Podcast Hinterland Who's Who (tales of Canada's backcountry characters). The guys discuss ongoing problems around event ticket sales in Canada and the latest on what's at stake for the different governments involved in the contentious TransMountain Expansion Project.

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    E23 Ingraham v Hogg | Declining Crypto | The Vancouver Model

    In this episode of the Toque Podcast, Matt and Andres are joined by friend of the show Trent. Together they discuss the latest in the Laura Ingraham shitshow and reasons why crypto currency may have taken a steep dive. The guys then go in depth on major issues that plague Vancouver related to gang activity, drugs, and housing.

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    E22 Toque the Band | Chris Wylie | Online Privacy

    On this episode of the podcast, Matt and Andres talk about the band Toque and JunoFest in Vancouver. They talk in depth about Canadian whistleblower Chris Wylie and the potential implications of the Facebook privacy breach he brought to light.

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    E21 Ford Nation | Vancouver out of World Cup Bid | Russian Diplomacy

    In this episode of the podcast, Matt and Andres talks about Jordan Clarkson's insane comments about pet dinosaurs, the return of ford nation in Ontario as well as the BC provincial government pulling the plug on Vancouver's involvement in the 2026 North American World Cup bid. In addition, they weigh in on the world's Russia situation.

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    E20 Trade Wars | US / N Korea Summit | Workers Rights and Jr Hockey

    In this episode of the podcast, Matt and Andres discuss the latest on the spoiled relationship between British Columbia and Alberta, US tariffs on Steel and Aluminum, and the potential for a meeting between Donald J and Kim Jong-un. They also discuss the lack of rights junior hockey players have centred around a court ruling in Oregon.

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    E19 PyeongChang Wrap-up | Tina Fontaine | #NeverAgain Movement

    On this episode, Matt and Andres share their final thoughts on the 2018 winter olympics in PyeongChang. They also discuss the Tina Fontaine trial and the #NeverAgain movement which was sparked by the school shooting in Parkland, FL.

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