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We're a couple of dudes with a Canadian podcast. Mostly we talk about sports but also discuss anything we find interesting and usually distinctly Canadian.

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    E17 Winter Olympics | BC-AB Trade War | Boushie Trial

    On this episode of the toque podcast, Matt and Andres discuss some of the more compelling stories from the Winter Olympics so far including Mark McMorris and women's hockey. They talk about the weakening relationship between BC and Alberta over the TMEP project and examine the outcome of the Colton Boushie trial and what it might mean for the justice system.

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    E16 Stoned TO Police | ICBC Woes | Gary Bettman's 25th Anniversary

    On this episode of the Toque Podcast, Matt and Andres share tales from the Great White North including a mountaintop knife fight in BC and stoned on-duty police officers in Toronto. They also discuss major issues with BC's public car insurance as well as the highs and lows of Gary Bettman's 25 years as commissioner of the NHL.

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    E15 If Canada was a Band V2 (Micro-podcast)

    In this micro-podcast, the Toque revisits an old segment. Grahaeme Cowie returns to share which province he thinks represents each member of Canada's band.

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    E14 Whisky Raids | Legal Marijuana in Canada | NHL @ 1/2 way

    On this episode of the Toque Podcast, Matt and Andres discuss happenings in Vancouver around housing and whisky raids (tales from Lotusland) and chat about provincial strategies for legalizing marijuana in Canada. Finally, they take a look at the NHL teams in Canada at the halfway mark of the season.

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    E13 Mark Wahlberg | Toronto Raptors | Curling in Canada

    On this episode of the Toque Podcast, Matt and Andres discuss Mark Wahlberg cashing in on a movie reshoot; the Toronto Raptor's great season and the Canadian mens hockey team. They also re-visit the Tim Horton's debate and take a look at Canada's Olympic approach to curling.

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    E12 World Jrs | Tim Hortons | Cryptocurrency

    In this episode of the Toque Podcast, Matt and Andres are joined by friend of the show Trent. They talk about the recent gold medal for Canada at the World Juniors; shootouts in the NHL; Tim Hortons greed in Cobourg; and dive deep into the world of Cryptocurrency.

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    E11 Canucks | Covering Professional Sports

    On this episode of the Toque Podcast, CanucksTV host and in-arena host for the Vancouver Canucks Hannah Bernard is in studio. She shares about a recent Canucks contest winner; the general feeling around the Canucks for the 2017/18 season so far; and what its like to be a female in a male dominated professional sports industry.

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    E10 Best News & Sports of 2017 | Christmas Special

    On this episode of the Toque Podcast, Matt and Andres look back at a few of the most newsworthy stories of 2017. They also discuss their favourite Christmas movies and songs while Hannah Bernard joins in on the fun. Mike and Mike from Ontario also give their Christmas favourites.

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    E09 Russian World Cup | Boeing | Newspapers in Canada

    On this episode of the Toque Podcast, Matt and Andres talk about the latest on Russia around their upcoming World Cup; the possibly tarnished relationship between Boeing and the Canadian government; Seattle’s NHL pursuit; uniformed police officers at Vancouver’s gay pride parade; and the latest on the newspaper industry in Canada.

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    E08 MLS Playoffs | State of CFL

    On this episode of the Toque Podcast, Matt and Andres talk the latest on Quebec’s nicab ban and the MLS playoffs. The Toque also discusses the state of the CFL with the help of CFL super fan Bluebastard.

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