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We're a couple of dudes with a Canadian podcast. We discuss anything distinctly Canadian in the world of news, politics and Canadian culture.

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    E45 Garth Mullins - Crackdown Podcast

    On this episode of the podcast we sit down in studio with activist/writer/broadcaster Garth Mullins to discuss the Crackdown podcast. Garth and his team have created the podcast which explores drugs, drug policy, and the drug war.

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    E44 Bernard Hancock - Ruffneck Nation

    On this episode of the podcast, we chat with Bernard Hancock a.k.a. "Bernard the Roughneck". We discuss his rise in popularity, Trans Mountain and other initiatives he has on the go.

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    E43 Gillette | Jagmeet Singh | Canada v China

    In this episode of the podcast, Matt and Andres discuss Gillette's latest ad campaign, Jagmeet Singh's bumbling interview and rough relations between Canada and China at the moment.

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    E39 Proportional Representation - BC's Referendum

    This episode of the podcast, Matt and Andres are joined by Keith Poore of Fair Vote Canada. Together they discuss BC's upcoming referendum on proportional representation and the merits of this election system as a whole.

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    The Toque Podcast Presents Canadian History Revisited

    The Toque Podcast previews a new and completely original podcast called Canadian History Revisited. We think we all know the story of James Naismith but there is a part of the story untold.

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