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The Toque is a distinctly Canadian podcast. Hosts, Matt and Andres, debate the things that define Canada and bring in the people that help shape it.

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    E54 Faith Goldy No More | Carbon Tax Haters in Canada

    In this episode of the podcast, Matt and Andres discuss some thoughts around overly polite Canadian tendencies, pissed off Star Wars nerds, and Tiger Woods "heroic" ascension back to the top. They also discuss Faith Goldy getting kicked off of Facebook and some province's displeasure with Trudeau's tax on carbon.

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    E53 Jason Kenney's Alberta | Lord Stanley Predictions

    In this episode of the podcast Matt and Andres discuss what appears to be the final act of the SNC affair. And we get a real glimpse into who Jason Kenney is and what that means for Albertans. Friend of the show and Freedom Conservative Party MLA hopeful Bernard Handcock chimes in on the upcoming Alberta Election. Finally, Matt and Andres tee up the upcoming NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs.

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    E51 Sarah Leamon - Attorney General / MoJ Hats | Weed Law in Canada

    In this episode of the podcast, Matt and Andres are joined with Vancouver lawyer and writer Sarah Leamon. Together they discuss splitting of the role of Attorney General and Minister of Justice as well as the many current legal challenges involved with marijuana in Canada.

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    E50 Tim Apple | Escaping Neverland | Boeing's Failures

    On this episode of the podcast, Matt and Andres discuss Tales from rich and famous including Donald Trump, Robert Kraft, and Lori Loughlin. They also discuss the new Michael Jackson documentary and Boeing's response to the 737 Max debacle.

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    E49 Pyjama Boy | Michael Cohen | SNC Lavalin Affair

    On this episode of the podcast Matt and Andres are joined by longtime listener Max. They discuss John Tavares's return to Long Island, Michael Cohen's hearing and Jody Wilson-Raybould's testimony over the SNC Lavalin affair.

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    E48 Kat Jayme - Finding Big Country

    In this episode, Matt and Andres sit down with Kat Jayme and discuss her documentary 'Finding Big Country' which premiered at the 2018 Vancouver International Film Festival and took home the People's Choice Award. The film is about Kat tracking down former Vancouver Grizzly star Bryant "Big Country" Reeves.

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    E47 Ryan McMahon - Thunder Bay Podcast

    In this episode of The Toque, Matt and Andres speak with Ryan McMahon who is a writer and host of the podcast 'Thunder Bay'. Ryan shares the back-story and touches on greater discussions around the Indigenous experience in Canada and positive change through art.

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    E45 Garth Mullins - Crackdown Podcast

    On this episode of the podcast we sit down in studio with activist/writer/broadcaster Garth Mullins to discuss the Crackdown podcast. Garth and his team have created the podcast which explores drugs, drug policy, and the drug war.

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