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We're a couple of dudes with a Canadian podcast. We discuss anything distinctly Canadian in the world of news, politics and Canadian culture.

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    E39 Proportional Representation - BC's Referendum

    This episode of the podcast, Matt and Andres are joined by Keith Poore of Fair Vote Canada. Together they discuss BC's upcoming referendum on proportional representation and the merits of this election system as a whole.

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    The Toque Podcast Presents Canadian History Revisited

    The Toque Podcast previews a new and completely original podcast called Canadian History Revisited. We think we all know the story of James Naismith but there is a part of the story untold.

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    E36 Kavanaugh | Canada's LNG | New NAFTA

    In this episode of the podcast, Matt and Andres give an update on the Kavanaugh proceedings and discuss the new LNG plant announcement in BC. They also break down the newly negotiated USMCA.

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    E35 Current US Political Climate | Kavanaugh Hearing

    In this episode of the podcast, Matt and Andres are joined by The Toque's United States correspondent, JT. JT provides first-hand perspective into the current political climate in the United States and his take on Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

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    E34 Summer 2018 | Canada v Saudi Arabia | Sir John A MacDonald Statue in Vic

    In this episode of the podcast, Matt and Andres discuss some of the bigger stories that happened over the summer while the show was on hiatus, mainly around the TransMountain expansion and NAFTA negotiations. They also discuss Canada's spat with Saudi Arabia and the removal of the Sir John A MacDonald statue in Victoria. Lastly, the guys discuss the latest Polaris prize winner: Jeremy Dutcher.

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