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The Toque is a distinctly Canadian podcast. Hosts, Matt and Andres, debate the things that define Canada and bring in the people that help shape it.

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    E55 Canada's Conservative Wave?

    In this episode of the podcast, Matt and Andres discuss the NHL playoffs so far, Notre Dame funds and Vancouver's aspirations to be carbon neutral by 2050. Finally, they chat about the recent wins by provincial conservative parties and what that may mean for the federal election in the fall.

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    E54 Faith Goldy No More | Carbon Tax Haters in Canada

    In this episode of the podcast, Matt and Andres discuss some thoughts around overly polite Canadian tendencies, pissed off Star Wars nerds, and Tiger Woods "heroic" ascension back to the top. They also discuss Faith Goldy getting kicked off of Facebook and some province's displeasure with Trudeau's tax on carbon.

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    E53 Jason Kenney's Alberta | Lord Stanley Predictions

    In this episode of the podcast Matt and Andres discuss what appears to be the final act of the SNC affair. And we get a real glimpse into who Jason Kenney is and what that means for Albertans. Friend of the show and Freedom Conservative Party MLA hopeful Bernard Handcock chimes in on the upcoming Alberta Election. Finally, Matt and Andres tee up the upcoming NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs.

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    E51 Sarah Leamon - Attorney General / MoJ Hats | Weed Law in Canada

    In this episode of the podcast, Matt and Andres are joined with Vancouver lawyer and writer Sarah Leamon. Together they discuss splitting of the role of Attorney General and Minister of Justice as well as the many current legal challenges involved with marijuana in Canada.

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    E50 Tim Apple | Escaping Neverland | Boeing's Failures

    On this episode of the podcast, Matt and Andres discuss Tales from rich and famous including Donald Trump, Robert Kraft, and Lori Loughlin. They also discuss the new Michael Jackson documentary and Boeing's response to the 737 Max debacle.

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    E49 Pyjama Boy | Michael Cohen | SNC Lavalin Affair

    On this episode of the podcast Matt and Andres are joined by longtime listener Max. They discuss John Tavares's return to Long Island, Michael Cohen's hearing and Jody Wilson-Raybould's testimony over the SNC Lavalin affair.

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    E48 Kat Jayme - Finding Big Country

    In this episode, Matt and Andres sit down with Kat Jayme and discuss her documentary 'Finding Big Country' which premiered at the 2018 Vancouver International Film Festival and took home the People's Choice Award. The film is about Kat tracking down former Vancouver Grizzly star Bryant "Big Country" Reeves.

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    E47 Ryan McMahon - Thunder Bay Podcast

    In this episode of The Toque, Matt and Andres speak with Ryan McMahon who is a writer and host of the podcast 'Thunder Bay'. Ryan shares the back-story and touches on greater discussions around the Indigenous experience in Canada and positive change through art.

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    E45 Garth Mullins - Crackdown Podcast

    On this episode of the podcast we sit down in studio with activist/writer/broadcaster Garth Mullins to discuss the Crackdown podcast. Garth and his team have created the podcast which explores drugs, drug policy, and the drug war.

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    E44 Bernard Hancock - Ruffneck Nation

    On this episode of the podcast, we chat with Bernard Hancock a.k.a. "Bernard the Roughneck". We discuss his rise in popularity, Trans Mountain and other initiatives he has on the go.

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    E43 Gillette | Jagmeet Singh | Canada v China

    In this episode of the podcast, Matt and Andres discuss Gillette's latest ad campaign, Jagmeet Singh's bumbling interview and rough relations between Canada and China at the moment.

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    E39 Proportional Representation - BC's Referendum

    This episode of the podcast, Matt and Andres are joined by Keith Poore of Fair Vote Canada. Together they discuss BC's upcoming referendum on proportional representation and the merits of this election system as a whole.

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    The Toque Podcast Presents Canadian History Revisited

    The Toque Podcast previews a new and completely original podcast called Canadian History Revisited. We think we all know the story of James Naismith but there is a part of the story untold.

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    E36 Kavanaugh | Canada's LNG | New NAFTA

    In this episode of the podcast, Matt and Andres give an update on the Kavanaugh proceedings and discuss the new LNG plant announcement in BC. They also break down the newly negotiated USMCA.

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    E35 Current US Political Climate | Kavanaugh Hearing

    In this episode of the podcast, Matt and Andres are joined by The Toque's United States correspondent, JT. JT provides first-hand perspective into the current political climate in the United States and his take on Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

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    E34 Summer 2018 | Canada v Saudi Arabia | Sir John A MacDonald Statue in Vic

    In this episode of the podcast, Matt and Andres discuss some of the bigger stories that happened over the summer while the show was on hiatus, mainly around the TransMountain expansion and NAFTA negotiations. They also discuss Canada's spat with Saudi Arabia and the removal of the Sir John A MacDonald statue in Victoria. Lastly, the guys discuss the latest Polaris prize winner: Jeremy Dutcher.

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    E33 Intellectual Rockstars | World Cup 2026 | Legal Weed

    In this episode of the podcast, Matt and Andres discuss the existence of modern celebrity intellectuals such as Jordan Peterson. In addition, they discuss North America winning the big for the 2026 World Cup and potential implications of legal weed in Canada.

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    E31 Ford Nation Wins | Ovie's Wild Ride | World Cup 2018

    In this episode of the podcast, Matt and Andres are joined by Jamie Faulkner. The guys discuss some Canadian topics such as Ford Nation back on top and icy relations at G7 Summit. They also discuss Alex Ovechkin's Stanley Cup bender. Lastly Jamie provides his take on the upcoming World Cup and what life is like after moving to Canada.

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    E30 Morgan Freeman | Vegas in Stanley Cup Finals | New NFL kneeling rule

    On this episode of the podcast, Matt and Andres discuss watching European football with a bar of brits, the latest on Morgan Freeman and its link to Vancouver. In addition they talk about the expansion Vegas Golden Knights in the Stanley Cup finals and the NFL's issue with kneeling.

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    E29 Latest on Atwal & Moore | NY/Lethbridge Public Shaming

    On this episode of the podcast, Matt and Andres provide an update on two stories recently covered in relation to Jaspal Atwal and Christine Moore. In addition they discuss public shaming as a result of recent viral videos out of New York and Lethbridge.

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    E28 The Royals | Doug Ford Actors | Harassment within NDP

    On this episode of the podcast, Andres shares his strange experience in Columbia visiting significant places in the life of mass murderer Pablo Escobar. In addition, the guys discuss the royals, paid actors at a Doug Ford rally, and the latest in harassment allegations within the national NDP party.

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    E27 Trudeau's India Visit | NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh / Terry Milewski

    This episode of the Toque Podcast features journalist Jagdeesh Mann. Jagdeesh joins Matt and Andres to provide context to two recent Canadian news stories rooted in Sikh separatism: Trudeau's rough visit to India and Canadian media coverage surrounding NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh.

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    E26 Stanley Cup Update | Airport Line Cutting | Canada - EU Trade Deal

    On this episode of the podcast, Matt is joined by friend of the show Grahaeme Cowie. They provide an update on how Canadian teams have done so far in the NHL playoff . They rant about the Nexus Pass allowing travellers to skip to the front of the security line when flying domestically. Lastly, Grahaeme and Matt talk about the pending Canada-EU trade deal, CETA.

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    E25 Toque's Hinterland Who's Who | Event Ticket Crisis | TMEP Challenges

    On this episode, Matt provides the first ever Toque Podcast Hinterland Who's Who (tales of Canada's backcountry characters). The guys discuss ongoing problems around event ticket sales in Canada and the latest on what's at stake for the different governments involved in the contentious TransMountain Expansion Project.

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    E23 Ingraham v Hogg | Declining Crypto | The Vancouver Model

    In this episode of the Toque Podcast, Matt and Andres are joined by friend of the show Trent. Together they discuss the latest in the Laura Ingraham shitshow and reasons why crypto currency may have taken a steep dive. The guys then go in depth on major issues that plague Vancouver related to gang activity, drugs, and housing.

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    E22 Toque the Band | Chris Wylie | Online Privacy

    On this episode of the podcast, Matt and Andres talk about the band Toque and JunoFest in Vancouver. They talk in depth about Canadian whistleblower Chris Wylie and the potential implications of the Facebook privacy breach he brought to light.

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    E21 Ford Nation | Vancouver out of World Cup Bid | Russian Diplomacy

    In this episode of the podcast, Matt and Andres talks about Jordan Clarkson's insane comments about pet dinosaurs, the return of ford nation in Ontario as well as the BC provincial government pulling the plug on Vancouver's involvement in the 2026 North American World Cup bid. In addition, they weigh in on the world's Russia situation.

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    E20 Trade Wars | US / N Korea Summit | Workers Rights and Jr Hockey

    In this episode of the podcast, Matt and Andres discuss the latest on the spoiled relationship between British Columbia and Alberta, US tariffs on Steel and Aluminum, and the potential for a meeting between Donald J and Kim Jong-un. They also discuss the lack of rights junior hockey players have centred around a court ruling in Oregon.

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    E19 PyeongChang Wrap-up | Tina Fontaine | #NeverAgain Movement

    On this episode, Matt and Andres share their final thoughts on the 2018 winter olympics in PyeongChang. They also discuss the Tina Fontaine trial and the #NeverAgain movement which was sparked by the school shooting in Parkland, FL.

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    E18 Olympic Update | Toronto Raptors | Politics & the NBA

    In this episode of the podcast, Matt and Andres are joined by friend of the show Graham Fulton. Together they discuss the latest from the Olympics and Kim Campbell's comments about female news anchor 's wardrobes. They dive into the 1st place Toronto Raptors and recent comments by Laura Ingraham related to political opinions shared by Lebron James and Kevin Durant.

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    E17 Winter Olympics | BC-AB Trade War | Boushie Trial

    On this episode of the toque podcast, Matt and Andres discuss some of the more compelling stories from the Winter Olympics so far including Mark McMorris and women's hockey. They talk about the weakening relationship between BC and Alberta over the TMEP project and examine the outcome of the Colton Boushie trial and what it might mean for the justice system.

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    E16 Stoned TO Police | ICBC Woes | Gary Bettman's 25th Anniversary

    On this episode of the Toque Podcast, Matt and Andres share tales from the Great White North including a mountaintop knife fight in BC and stoned on-duty police officers in Toronto. They also discuss major issues with BC's public car insurance as well as the highs and lows of Gary Bettman's 25 years as commissioner of the NHL.

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    E15 If Canada was a Band V2 (Micro-podcast)

    In this micro-podcast, the Toque revisits an old segment. Grahaeme Cowie returns to share which province he thinks represents each member of Canada's band.

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    E14 Whisky Raids | Legal Marijuana in Canada | NHL @ 1/2 way

    On this episode of the Toque Podcast, Matt and Andres discuss happenings in Vancouver around housing and whisky raids (tales from Lotusland) and chat about provincial strategies for legalizing marijuana in Canada. Finally, they take a look at the NHL teams in Canada at the halfway mark of the season.

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    E13 Mark Wahlberg | Toronto Raptors | Curling in Canada

    On this episode of the Toque Podcast, Matt and Andres discuss Mark Wahlberg cashing in on a movie reshoot; the Toronto Raptor's great season and the Canadian mens hockey team. They also re-visit the Tim Horton's debate and take a look at Canada's Olympic approach to curling.

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    E12 World Jrs | Tim Hortons | Cryptocurrency

    In this episode of the Toque Podcast, Matt and Andres are joined by friend of the show Trent. They talk about the recent gold medal for Canada at the World Juniors; shootouts in the NHL; Tim Hortons greed in Cobourg; and dive deep into the world of Cryptocurrency.

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    E11 Canucks | Covering Professional Sports

    On this episode of the Toque Podcast, CanucksTV host and in-arena host for the Vancouver Canucks Hannah Bernard is in studio. She shares about a recent Canucks contest winner; the general feeling around the Canucks for the 2017/18 season so far; and what its like to be a female in a male dominated professional sports industry.

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    E10 Best News & Sports of 2017 | Christmas Special

    On this episode of the Toque Podcast, Matt and Andres look back at a few of the most newsworthy stories of 2017. They also discuss their favourite Christmas movies and songs while Hannah Bernard joins in on the fun. Mike and Mike from Ontario also give their Christmas favourites.

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    E09 Russian World Cup | Boeing | Newspapers in Canada

    On this episode of the Toque Podcast, Matt and Andres talk about the latest on Russia around their upcoming World Cup; the possibly tarnished relationship between Boeing and the Canadian government; Seattle’s NHL pursuit; uniformed police officers at Vancouver’s gay pride parade; and the latest on the newspaper industry in Canada.

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    E08 MLS Playoffs | State of CFL

    On this episode of the Toque Podcast, Matt and Andres talk the latest on Quebec’s nicab ban and the MLS playoffs. The Toque also discusses the state of the CFL with the help of CFL super fan Bluebastard.

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    E07 Laurier University | Calgary Olympics | Oilers

    On this episode of the Toque Podcast - Grahaeme Cowie joins Matt and Andres. They discuss a recent situation at Laurier University surrounding a video featuring Jordan Peterson. They discuss the potential for a 2026 Olympic bid in Calgary and Grahaeme gives the Toque insight into the season so far for the Edmonton Oilers.

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    E06 Ovechkin | Trump | NHL In Houston

    On this episode of the Toque Podcast, Matt and Andres talk about Jose Altuve and Lebron James. Alex Ovechkin and his relationship with Vladimir Putin. Some recent sports related antics from Donald J Trump and the possibility of the NHL in Houston.

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    E05 World Series | Harper | Nicab Ban

    In this episode of the Toque Podcast, Andres and Matt discuss racism in the world series; Lido Pimienta, Steve Harper and Quebec's Nicab ban.

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    E04 Sean Avery | Bill Morneau | NHL

    In this episode, Matt and Andres discuss Amazon HQ2, Sean Avery's new book, Bill Morneau and Canadian NHL teams this season.

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    E03 In Gord We Trust

    In this episode, the toque explores what Gord Downie and the Tragically Hip have meant to Canadians. Matt and Andres share how they got into the band and what their favourite album, song and lyrics are. Mike and Mike from Ontario contribute.

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    E02 Las Vegas | Cam Newton

    In this episode, Andres and Matt discuss NHL expansion into Las Vegas and Cam Newton's latest issues in the press.

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    E01 Canada as a Band | Calgary Arena

    On this episode of the Toque, Matt and Andres assemble Canada as a band and explore the Calgary Arena situation among other topics.

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